Part 1: premises:

1.1   You believe you are aware of reality but you are not.

The movie that you watched in the past decades was the usual suspect:

  • Directed by “Keyser Soze”
  • Produced by “Kobayashi”
  • And played by “Verbal Knits”

The sequel will be released very soon to home theaters very close to you:

  • Directed by “Verbal Knits”
  • Produced by the “George Brothers” (Orwell & Romero)
  • And played by “Keyser Sozes”
1.2   Predictions and analyses of reality are no more than opinions and not a scientific observation.

Analysis and its resulting predictions are like prophesy: measured by the accuracy of the prediction’s timetable, magnitude and aftermath: the actualities of all of the measures of the prophesied occurrences are what validate or null prophesy and not the presented fundamentals which assuring the occurrence of such event (see Paul R. Ehrlich’s bet).

Prophecy is an unscientific way of guessing the future based on a gut feeling and so is any other prediction based on objective observation of human made phenomena’s.

1.3   Educated predictions are as valid as the uneducated prophesies of religious prophets.

Any prediction can be categorized as prophecy: even scientific models representing a spectrum of conditional scenarios based on series of identified factors that if materialized will facilitate a tipping point representing a switch that will shift the scenarios in one way or another to predict a set of possibilities and probabilities; as the members of the Club of Rome did when they accurately identified spectrum of possible scenarios and their responsible positive and negative feedback and switches, back in 1972 with revisions fine tuning the scenarios every decade or so.

I will argue (and by that I mean I have an overwhelming amount of supporting models and references based only on empirical data from scientific disciplines and domains that are based solely on physical evidences, empirical laws and “Richard Feynman’s type” of research practices):

That the members of the Club of Rome and all of the other individuals who producing futuristic scenarios based on empirical models for analysis of any type of man-made phenomena are all wrong, their models may be based on real facts and their scenario’s spectrum may be plausible or even probable – but they are all wrong in their observations and predictions and most and worst of all: Their conclusions and discussions are wrong.

1.4   The differences between reality and documented observation of perceived reality

Any man-made model based analyses are missing the most important factor in modeling human’s based phenomena: whether these phenomena’s are affecting the natural world (changes in the climate, nuclear radiation in the Pacific and all other ecological and humanitarian disasters) or affecting the fabric of sociocultural systems (wars, terror, health, trade, energy etc.):

  • Any model intended to analyze human’s generated phenomena is null without the tendencies of the human mind as the context and human behaviors as the manifesting factors.
  • The human mind is the gateway of any observations where attention and perception fundamentally defines the quality of raw data captured and memorized, and where processing capabilities which are based on functional tendencies (inherit and acquired) will fundamentally determine the behavioral output in the form of communication and actions and thus defining the mindset of individuals.
  • There are different types of mindsets which have distinct methods of input, processing and output and thus mindsets which are made of a lump of brain tissue inside the skulls of individuals are the engine behind all human generated phenomena’s.
  • The human mind is the reason for all the human generated phenomena’s: without the apparatus of mindsets’ causality all models, analysis, predictions and conclusions are null.

Part 2: what you believe is reality is no more than out of context opinions

Economics, politics, education, sociocultural and all other man-made and man-named domains are fictional instruments meant for the sole purpose of facilitating and controlling massive scale operation of resources exploitation by many individuals organized in groups in order to transfer their intrinsic value to the hands of minuscule number of individuals. Although many of you probably understand it on some level, what all of you are lacking is the context of human tendencies as the apparatuses for all human activities and human made phenomena’s.

2.1   Context is king

Context is king for any observation but attention for details and perception of context, are two contrasting traits in the vast majority of the population: Without context the details no matter how many of them are perceived and memorized by an observer, will be floating in isolated biased theories without the order of larger context; identification of recurrent patterns is the toolkit of out of context “details’ collectors” for making sense of declared and imposed out of context disciplinary systems made of fabricated or distorted ideological domains that suit the interest of the system, context is the organizer of systems of details and not the other way around.

The obsessive identification, documentation and reporting of recurrent patterns via “market” , “political”, “sociocultural” and any other analyses of disciplinary domains are pathological compulsive obsessive behaviors which form COMFORTABLE DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY: Distracting the mind of the preachers and the minds of their choir from the real conversations on the fundamental questions you, the “aware” should ask yourself.

Part 3: You are missing the context of human tendencies in order for understanding what is really going on

3.1  The context of human tendencies is the upmost critical sets of rules and factors which are absolutely crucial for understanding the true nature of the system:

That govern ALL aspects of living at every passing moment of existence and the entire life histories of ALL the individual primates, collectively defined as “homo sapience” and; All of the documented accumulation of all life histories of all primates throughout the generation defined as “History”:

Your life histories and your view of your predecessors history is all part of the system of organization that you were born into which is behind any lingual and abstract thought in your brain at every given moment orchestrating every emotional fluctuation you experiencing and any decision you are making and all action you are taking.

Without understanding the role of human tendencies in every interaction and any transaction between individuals and collectives you will never understand how the “system” really works and how it always ends, and most of all you will not be able recognize ahead of time the point of no return which marks the beginning of the swift endgame, long after the passing of the point in time when the gates of hopes for a different future are closed and locked.

3.2  You do not recognize the systematic symptoms of our main system of organization (“civilization”) by the true nature of its functions

Civilization was created, organized and maintained by dynasties for the sole purpose of serving few individuals on behalf of and on the account of all others.

Civilization is the name of a system which enables a small hierarchical organization of few individuals to organize large number of individual in well classified groups and populous in order to coordinate an increasing scale of well classified activities that are not beneficial for the individuals performing it but are always beneficial for the dynasty.

You do not acknowledge that civilization and all of its subsystems are always serving the fundamental autocratic purpose of specific group of individuals.

3.3  You address the complex systematic symptoms of human-made phenomena and not their simple causes
  • The stewards (presidents, CEO’s, generals, university deans, priests etc.) at the top of any pyramid of any disciplinary system of autocratic ideology are minions of one dynasty or another or a strategically organized alliance of dynasties.
  • Dynasties composed of owners and stakeholders in series of periodic alliances between few individuals under the lead of one individual intended to obtain, maintain and further the dominance ambitions of the leader and its alliance members.
  • The markets as any other sociocultural domain are not manipulated by their stewards: they are ideological systems that work exactly as intended.
  • The markets and all other sociocultural domains have been created and are operating to manipulate you by their founders, owners and sole beneficiaries: the dynasties and their minions.
  • The stewards are solely serving the interest of the dynasties: they are the facilitators of the dynasties’ policies intended to achieve short term tactical objectives as part of longer term plan containing a series of strategic goals representing step-ups in the dynasty’s level of dominance.
  • The ideological systems of the different sociocultural domains are the engine of civilizations which is the container for all human made phenomena and the manifestation of human tendencies.
  • All of the human made phenomena’s are the direct manifestation of the mindset of the creators and facilitator of civilization:
  • The creator of civilizations is a very specific mindset which holds the potential for the emergence and persistence of dynasties and their civilizations and is 100% responsible for the corresponding manifestations of all human made phenomena.

You do not recognize that the complex systematic symptoms are the result of a simple cause: a specific type of mindset.

3.4   You do not acknowledge that civilization and all of its subsystems are always serving the fundamental autocratic purpose of specific group of few individuals.
3.5   You do not recognize that the complex systematic symptoms are the result of a specific type of mindset:

Because you don’t know the real chain of events that led us to develop a mindset that produce such social organization that is fundamentally destructive to its participants and all life on planet earth. Our true evolutionary story is the key to understand the currently dominating mindsets which produce civilizations.

Part 4: A brief description of the current system you are living in

4.1  The properties of the different engines of civilization in the context of functionality and purpose:

The autocratic systems of civilization have two main fronts under multiple euphemistically titled practices and disciplines:

Internal affairs:

Of intimidation, harassment and punishment as measures for controlling and coordinating individuals and groups by a dynasty, for the purpose of acquisition, stockpiling, managing and securing human resources (influence) and physical resources (wealth) in a geographical region declared by a dynasty as the dynasty territory in which influential activities are facilitated by the dynasty’s minions for the SOLE purpose of serving the goals of a dynasty.

Foreign affairs:

Of utilization and mobilization of individuals and groups controlled by a dynasty (via internal affairs) as measures for intimidation, harassment and punishment of individuals and groups in geographical regions that are not under the control of said dynasty or are controlled by another dynasty for the purpose of territory acquisition for the purpose of plundering, importing and stockpiling the resources in geographical regions controlled by the dynasty’s or by their minions for the SOLE use of a dynasty.

The dynasties only measures of success are the magnitude and success of their activities:
  • Wealth: the amount of the accumulated resources from the plunder.
  • Domination and influence:  the territorial reach and the size and effectiveness of the groups of subjects and subjugated they have managed to organize in classes and mobilize for their operations for the purpose of:
  • Resources acquisition and securing – by utilizing organized groups of aggressors to enforce obedience on all groups of subjects and subjugated in the controlled territory (police) and to acquire new territories and to inflict submission on the others inhabiting the regions outside the territory (armies)
  • Resources exploitation and accumulation – by utilizing organized groups of workforce to extract (mining and agriculture), produce (engineering and manufacturing), stockpile and transport (warehousing and shipping).
  • Resources management and distribution – by utilizing organized groups of aggressors to enforce the compliance of the subjects and subjugated to the regular confiscation of portions of their personal accumulated resources (taxing) and organized groups of bureaucrats for the unequal distribution of the confiscated resources (banking and trade):
    • A substantial portion of the confiscated resources goes to support the dynasty’s domination and influence operation
    • The minimal portion of the confiscated resources that is sufficient for sustaining or improving the different workforces operations and wellbeing
    • The rest of the portion goes to the possession of the dynasties and their minions
4.2  To summarize:
  • The dynasties wealth and domination are determined by the success of the methods and practices they utilized in order to produce and accumulate more wealth and dominance then other dynasties.
  • The dynasties wealth and domination is the only measure that determines their position and influence in the dynasties exclusive fight club.
  • Their position in the exclusive fight club is the sole premise for all of their activities.
4.3  To acknowledge:

The success of the competition for resources between regional and global dynasties is not measured by the collateral damage to the environment or by the level of physical, emotional, pathological and genetic damage they inflict to the populations of homo sapience that were unfortunate to live at the wrong place in the wrong time and to interact with them.

Part 5: what is really going on

5.1  Political Cannibalism (PC) is the real essence of “humanity” and the predicaments of our current system of civilization

Economics, politics, indoctrinated scientific domains and all other ideologies are no more than symptoms of the true apocalypse that is unfolding in an exponential rate in the minds of the vast majority of individuals identified as “homo sapience” – a collateral madness:

A genetically inherit mindset contain a spectrum of pathological tendencies materializing in psychological conditions of all sorts that can be easily irritated into existence via psychological manipulations based on levels of intimidation and punishment to produce specific behavioral manifestations.

5.2  It was achieved incrementally overtime by first expanding the spectrum of socially accepted behaviors and physical traits (norms) by enforcing toleration (PC) to include “formally” considered abnormal behaviors and traits that are either:
  • Productive or beneficial for the dynasty’s exploitation and wealth accumulation
  • Productive or beneficial for the dynasty’s domination:

Seems as counterproductive to promote abnormal behaviors, but it is by far the most productive (with very small investments) operations with unbelievable EROEI:

Just by programing the human resource with triggers that are then easily exploited via the correct stimulus and form groups of [programed] interests that can be now be maneuvered and controlled as a well-coordinated swarm (fish-ball) of individuals which are then unleashed on other groups (under the protection of the Political Cannibalism mercenaries agencies) they will trigger different types of swarms (such as swarm of feminist fish: feminism is equality to participate in opportunistic cannibalism; normalize via political cannibalism and promote aggressive cannibalistic behaviors in woman so they can join the male exclusive fight club) and unleashed them on you and others until you conform to their promoted shade of abnormality or lose your viability:

And those are the engines of civilization the agents of fear, terror and confusion controlling your daily conversation and capturing your attention by their fear mongering propaganda from every talking empty head with access to the internet.

All are tactical maneuvers to support and enhance the dynasty’s strategic goals of domination and exploitation. When the abnormal behaviors are normalized and consequently improves the yield and EROEI of the dynasty’s hierarchical machine of exploitation and domination enabled them to achieve enough wealth and dominance, they then move to next step of their ambition.

5.3  What are the behaviors that are “abnormalize” by the ones control the sexual selection?

All the normal tendencies that are manifested in behaviors that are: Counterproductive, unproductive or inefficient for the dynasty’s exploitation efforts and domination ambitions.

By slowly shifting the attention of generation into the abnormal spectrum they construct the current social organization and shifted the mindset of individuals and collective from the normal to the needed abnormal utilizing the following method repeatedly over the ages:

  • Normalizing abnormalities in behavioral traits by implementing rewords mechanisms for willing adopters (conformists) and super rewords for talented adopters with the most desirable traits, while rendering normal behavioral traits as abnormal by constant intimidation and “as needed” physical aggression
  • Implementing systems of intimidation and punishment and elimination for unwilling adopters (nonconformists).
  • Influencing the choices made in sexual selection utilizing evolving technologies from their talented conformists to support more complex indoctrination methods for increasing the capacity, efficiency and productivity of systems of exploitation and domination based on the principal of hierarchical organizations in classes of functionality and productivity.
  • Each periodic system of dominance was led by periodical dynasties which become more powerful than others by managing to increase their territorial reach and access to human and physical resources and/or improved the efficiency of resources acquisition and exploitation.
5.4  What are the goals of the h. sapience breeding facilities: to change the mindset of individuals

By controlling the sexual selection of your subjects you can produce more “manageable” offspring’s.

5.5  What is the objective of all the breeding farms: to conform all the colorful chicken to unified inclusive color – white and unified their minds so they can be formed into swarms (defensive fish-balls or blood-frenzied swarm of piranhas)

You need a specific mindset in order to be able to orchestrate large scale maneuvers and operations: to facilitate (enforce and fuse) collective organization, synchronization of groups’ (via handlers and financiers) for cooperation or confrontation.

5.6  The simplicity of controlling the sexual selection of masses

By controlling the daily conversation between individuals and groups (narratives); for the purpose of shifting the standard pattern of behaviors that are considered normal in a community (norms); which conditioning the attention and focus of individual to falsely recognize an unfit partner for sexual reproduction by suppressing its conflicting normal instincts via threats or punishment of social exclusion (not good for your reproduction prospects).

Welcome to the animal farm of bulls, dogs, cows, chicken and sheep: which one is your preferred pronounce? Or maybe you are all of the species and breeds depending on the facility you are in?

Part 6: Denial

6.1  Original denial was the denial of one’s own horrible, eminent and imminent murder by its own kin
6.2  The original denial was not the fear of your knowing the range or causes of certain expiration in unknown point of time in the future, rather the denial of your certain, imminent and well-known death, by your hunger and power driven cannibalistic kin.

It’s why we fall into a deep sleep stage so fast, we needed to sleep to suppress the Amygdala’s laud alarm and flashing red lights urging you to take the flight low road right now in order to save your life while preparing you for the flight via your exhausted adrenal glands.

You needed the deep sleep to reduce the cortisol levels (stress) in our systems in order to sustain basic brain and bodily functionality such as focusing and digesting, we are the descendants of the most successful deniers of certain, imminent and well known for being horrible death.

The stage of deep short sleeping at nights led to the day dreaming where your mind is still semi sleeping to suppress the cortisol levels during wake times; by daydreaming away the same terrifying fears you denied last night in order to fall asleep: by painting flowers in the hands of cannibals holding butcher’s knives and by imagining yourself sleeping in the safety of a cave/cage sealed from the inside by you.

6.3  If you want to imagine how horrible and terrifying the death by cannibalism experience was watch the gang of male chimpanzees’ hunting down and devour one of their kin from their own group or a neighboring group.

If you want to understand how desperate the situation was imagine a group of chimpanzees in an enclosure with no access to food and watch the carnage starting as soon as one of the gang’s male is hungry eating each other one by one first the babies, then young males and the females and finally the gang members to the last one standing that was the most successful cannibals of all.

6.4  The modern denial has two façades depending on your mindset group:

The first one inhabiting the mind[set] of the vast majority of the population is the denial of themselves killing their kin

The second one inhabiting the mind[set] of few (including yourself?), is the denial of the others killing yours and their kin

6.5  The modern denial is the denial of the original sin of cannibalism by the cannibals and by their victims

You denial the true nature of the people around you because you know who they are and what type of mindset they possess; you see it all around you in the destruction, death and misery inflicted on all life on earth by their mindset:

By denying the majority’s mindset responsibility for the global carnage you denial your own mindset AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO STOP THEM!

6.6  Ideological ideas are sometimes based on more “ancient” realities:
  • “Heaven”: The lives of our lineage outgroup – the Siamangs: a peaceful, mostly frugivore (a bit of insectivore), gender equal, monogamous (mostly), acrobat “lesser” ape living up in the clouds of the lush canopy of the tropical rainforest, hundred meters above the ground, where abundance high energy food is literally growing on trees available for everyone (who can reach it) to enjoy a shot of fructose with minerals and vitamins, safe from predation of surface predators (demons) and from the few arboreal ones (flying demons?) untouched due to its mental and physical agility producing the ability to swing and ricochet (ricochetal brachiation) itself in curved and parabolic trajectories, between branches up to 15 meters away in speeds of ~50K/h.
  • “Hell”: living like chimpanzees in hierarchy of aggressive males with gang mentality where your choice is conform or die:
    • Hell” for male: If you are a male “conform” means; be part of the gang and be aggressive, murderous and abusive to deserve their respect granting you membership, have no empathy and they admire you and make you the head of an attack squad, bring more loot and murdered kin to your “male only” feasts and you’ll become their king.
      Male’s life in the Chimpanzee-human society is the definition of wrecking hell.
    • “Hell” for female: If you are a female “conform” means; you need do please many males to maintain your life and the life of your offspring’s, you have to especially emphasis on one that can provide protection from his friends: you breed with him to make sure that you will be protected for the next 3 years (Oxytocin – you call it love) but it’s really using the offspring to blackmail the father instincts for your own protection and supply (power), other females are competition and you do not bond with them unless you are really young or old, seduction is your strategy and way of life, extension of your longevity is your obsession (of your external physics signaling fertility via plastic surgery, cosmetics, yoga and other desperate means), mental rape is your sex life (bonding ritual) and Stockholm syndrome is your conversations (romance).
      Female’s life in the Chimpanzee-human society is the definition of living hell.
  • “Limbo”: The life of the Bonobo: PTSD based escapism via immature play and obsessive sex to denial the looming armies of the common chimpanzee outnumbering them 20 to 1 held only by the natural beerier of the Congo River that can dry out at any time (like the walls of the civilization sanctuaries).
  • “Devil”: The mindset of the chimpanzee.
  • “God”: The chimpanzee’s schizophrenic denial with the “human” approval (reasoning) of their true nature.
  • “Happiness”: Is a state of normality, of balance of equilibrium like the state of the Siamang and its environment.
    • ”Smile”: A physical signaling of a state of normality: the relaxation of your amygdala consequently relaxing the tension of the muscles tightening the jaw (in readiness for a punch), which let it drop and creates a catenary curve (the curve that an idealized hanging chain or cable assumes under its own weight when supported only at its ends) outlined by your lips. Any other type of smile or laugh are like a yawn or a sneeze nothing more than fake participation in the constant game of aggression and stress diffusion which is part of living in the chimpanzee’s mindset-based society.
6.7  Blame the instruments and complain about their manifestation (even make some models and presentations about them) and not the mindset that is responsible for them: the instruments inventors, manufactures, distributors, consumers and users.

Denying responsibility from the mindset (with any excuse) is like blaming the gun (that shot the bullet that murdered someone) instead of prosecuting the mindset of the individuals that supplied the instrument and that aimed it at another individual (after loading it with ammo), intentionally pulling the trigger of the killing instrument, inevitably ending another individual experience of life with no sense of empathy.

6.8  The same mindset inhabits the skulls of the individuals who are responsible for the death toll and misery inflicted by their industrial instruments (killing machines of slow or quick death):

Poisoning life, changing the habitable climate of entire planet, redesigning and transforming the shared habitats render them inhabitable to all life but them, causing the annihilation of ecosystems on all of their living creatures, burning the land with wars and all other thousands, millions and billions of other mindset-made atrocities occurring every moment for ages. The same mindset supplying the mass instruments intended for mass killing; teaching them how to operate and load and transferring the responsibility of pulling the triggers to them, which inevitably ends the experience of living for many with no sense of empathy.

You are denying your role as accessory to mass murder preformed against your own kin, by your own kin, guided by the individuals of your own kin which happened to be on the top of a dominance hierarchy; a system based on the cannibalistic mindset of willing and unwilling participant accessory to ending their life and the life’s of all others with no sense of empathy.

Part 7: knowing our lineage actual evolution occurrences is knowing who you are, who are “they”, what type of mindset “they” possess and what you are facing

7.1  Who we are ?

We are the accumulation of generations of sexual reproduction determined by the interaction of individual male and female of each generation in accordance to the factors and condition that governed their day to day activities during the time of their life.

7.2  You are the result of generations of sexual reproduction by natural selection (where females are willingly selecting their partners) and unnatural where males physically forced or mentally enforced sexual intercourse’s where females are unwillingly reproduced (raped).

The intimate reproduction choices of females and males were the determine factor for their offspring’s genotype and their consequential phenotype spectrum (wiki: The genotype–phenotype distinction is drawn in genetics. “Genotype” is an organism’s full hereditary information. “Phenotype” is an organism’s actual observed properties, such as morphology, development, or behavior. This distinction is fundamental in the study of inheritance of traits and their evolution.)

Technology and tools meaning intelligence or opportunism?

Part 8: A new mindset destined to rule it all – the evolution of the dominant mindset

8.1  The truth is buried in the graveyards of the previous generations, with the dead brains’ of individuals who had logic, critical thinking, system thinking which were thriving to communicate facts in their conversations and published narratives.

The current human condition and its consequential predicaments emerged long before civilization emerged and was the result of an evolutionary process that went wrong and took the wrong turn; and as a result unleashed new evolutionary forces (more accurately devolutionary forces) which determine our mindset and life histories millions of years later.

8.2  A Pandora box of chaotic fitness strategies based on opportunistic adoption and adaptation of random phenotype mutations that benefit few individuals today as the benefit a specific group of apes in Africa millions of years ago:

These individuals are non-kin males who form an alliance (gang) which enabled them to conquer by force and hold by violence the top of the social hierarchy of their clan: they are the masters of the clan and they are working together as dogs breeders that cultivate the beneficial phenotype of the members of their own kind, by controlling and enforcing the sexual selection of the entire clan.

8.3  The modern gang (dynasty) dominance methodology is “breeding”:

The ruling gang is a group of breeders who works together to manufacture population and populous (breeds) of a unique genotype of based on phenotype (skills and mindset) hence classes.

8.4  The modern gang (dynasty) breeding facility is civilization:

Utilizing the system of “civilization” they created human breeds with extreme manifestation of “needed” traits in their genotype based on selected and cultivated phenotype which creates over generations breeds of specialized fitness strategies similar to the extreme phenotype that can be observed in dog breeds: extreme sizes (Great Dane vs. Pomeranian), extreme body types (Dachshund vs. Pug) and extreme characters (Pit bull vs. Golden retriever).

8.5  When sexual selection is controlled by a certain mindset
8.5.1 Definition of the method of phenotype design (and consequently genotype) via orchestrated and imposed sexual selection (from wiki [mostly]):

“Dog [primate] breeding is the practice of mating selected dogs [primates] with the intent to maintain or produce specific qualities and characteristics. When dogs [primates] reproduce without such human [gang] intervention, their offsprings’ characteristics are determined by natural selection, while “dog [primate] breeding” refers specifically to the artificial selection of dogs [primates], in which dogs [primates] are intentionally bred by their owners. A person who intentionally mates dogs [primates] to produce puppies [babies] is referred to as a dog [primate] breeder. Breeding relies on the science of genetics [eugenics], so the breeder with knowledge of canine [primates] genetics, health, and the intended use for the dogs attempts to breed suitable dogs [humans].” I suggest you read the whole article at Wikipedia titled “Dog breeding” and figure by yourself what are the consequences of such breeding on individual’s wellbeing, here are some quotes:

  • Some dogs [humans] have certain inheritable characteristics that can develop into a disability or disease. Canine hip dysplasia is one such condition. Some eye abnormalities, some heart conditions, and some cases of deafness have been proven to be inherited.
  • There have been extensive studies of these conditions, commonly sponsored by breed clubs [states] and dog [human] registries [governments], while specialised breed clubs [Universities] provide information of common genetic defects for their breeds. As well, special organizations, such as Orthopedic Foundation for Animals [health system], collect data and provide it to breeders.
  • Some registries, such as American Kennel [civilization] Club [USA], may include a record of the absence of certain genetic defects, known as a certification, in an individual dog’s [human’s] record. For example, the German Shepherd Dog [German human] national breed club in Germany [German government] is a registry that recognizes that hip dysplasia [cancer and other conditions] is a genetic defect for dogs [humans] of this breed. Accordingly, it requires all dogs [humans] to pass evaluation [medical assessment] for absence of hip dysplasia [cancer and other conditions] to register their progeny, and records the results in individual dog‘s [humans] pedigrees [governmental records].
  • Some scientific researchers [who are thorn between their obedience to their providers and their sympathy for the livestock] argue that advances in artificial reproduction technology for the purposes of dog [human] breeding can be helpful but also have “detrimental impacts” when overused instead of natural selection principles. These scientists [spineless conformists] call for a deeper understanding of natural selection, leading to a more naturalistic approach in dog [human] breeding [nicer kennels, bigger playgrounds and increased playtime].
  • On the basis of an analysis of data on 42,855 dachshund litters [5 billion humans], it was found that as the inbreeding coefficient increased, litter size decreased [less babies] and the percentage of stillborn [born with autistic disorder spectrum] puppies [babies] increased, thus indicating inbreeding depression. Inbreeding depression is a reduction in progeny fitness due largely to the homozygous expression of deleterious recessive mutations….”
8.5.2  The gang’s dog [human] breeds show: where you can watch “Along with breed judging and obedience, you’ll discover agility dogs [humans] racing over obstacle courses, flyball teams hurdling to beat the clock, and four-footed [bipedal] athletes catching Frisbees and dancing to music”

The gang of “breeders” created extreme mindset (character) based on obedience to the masters accompanied with a spectrum of skills (jobs) and temperament (talent) that can be indoctrinated into existence (training) which plays role in the system of dominance: entertainment (Toy Poodle), entertainer (Jack Russell), free spirit (Siberian Husky), bureaucrats and marshaling (Border Collie), clown (Shih Tzu), enforcer and drover (Rottweiler), intraspecies aggressor (Pit bull), interspecies aggressor (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and more.

8.6 Human breeds like dog breeds are the manifestation of the extreme artificial breeding practices that manufactured skillsets that fits a wanted niche corresponding to the times and conditions:

Shepherding/herding dogs during the pre-industrial times, guard dogs during the middle ages, attack/work dogs during the conquests of the Roman Empire, entertainment dogs during the European renascence of autocracy etc.

All the dog breeds share the genotype with the wolf but they do not share the genotype between themselves, the wolf is their “outgroup” while they are sister groups hence breeds.

8.7  By controlling the sexual selection, the “breeders” have managed to artificially change the population’s body and mind: the dog breeds may vary in anatomy and morphology but they all share one common feature:

A mindset that is easily programmable by simple Pavlovian conditioning and submissive obedience to higher classes and instant conformation to the breeder’s authority. The breeders of dogs in kennels and the breeders of humans in civilizations are the same in methods and mindset, they cultivated fitness strategies that are not representing the individuals and group’s interest and are not according to the golden rule and completely out of balance with the web of life.

We are all experiencing the resulting consequences and the concluding events of endless generations of males-made culture that supports abnormal phenotypes which produced a specific genotypes which created a social organization based on classes of breeds each representing and performing a set of roles, services and behaviors that fit the few kings who cultivated them.

8.8  If you can tell what were the determine factors and condition that governed the sexual selection of each generation at the time and in the place that their sexual reproduction consummated, you will be able to reconstruct a firm line for the evolutionary process of the genotype and phenotype that led us to who we are

Our true evolution story didn’t start with the fossil fragments of cuddly named ancestors like “Lucy”, “Ardi”, “Little foot”, “Selam” and other early primates (collectively named “hominids” to strike an imaginary border where evolution supposedly took a turn for the “good” for what is currently defined (by all entitled primates) as “more human”.

One thing is sure: ALL of the hominids were cannibals. How do I know it? because that was what the chain of events of our linage evolutionary process have determined and that was what their ancestors (like the cannibal cuddly named “Toumai”)

8.9  What I definitely know is that 2.5 million years ago cannibalism reached its second peak as the dominant mindset in our lineage

Part 9: the biggest scientific cover-up in history of an inconvenient truth: a solid case of continuous mass scale acts of cannibalism performed by males in our direct lineage

9.1  The H. Naledi (I named it the “Bergerous cannibalous” of the new church of Rupert Murdoch formally known as National Geographic) background:
9.1.1  Homo Naledi: from the voice of the consensus (wiki) with important details highlighted:

Homo naledi is an extinct species of hominin, which anthropologists first described in 2015 and have assigned to the genus Homo. In 2013, fossil skeletons were found in South Africa’s Gauteng province, in the Rising Star Cave system, part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. As of 10 September 2015, fossils of at least fifteen individuals, amounting to over 1550 specimens, have been excavated from the cave.

9.1.2  At September 9 2015 National Geographic officially becomes the property of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for a $725,000,000 bribe to the entrusted scientific organization after 127 years of being staunchly non-profit magazine and scientific organization.

The takeover started 2 years earlier when the cannibalistic crime scene was found, I urge you to research “News Corp” and Australian media mogul and climate change denier Rupert Murdoch in order to understand the total “eyeballs” reach and the domination of thoughts that the Rupert Murdoch minion gang has.

9.1.3  September 10 2015 the “Naledi” propaganda charade starts with an article on the freshly conquered media outlet of NG headlined: “This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?”
9.1.4  The article address in the address bar was: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/09/150910-human-evolution-change/
9.1.5  The only factual thing they did right in this propaganda piece was declaring the h naledi as being “human” like us:
I totally agree that the h naledi, h Murdoch and h Berger represent the dominant “human” mindset quite accurately
9.1.6  In a following NG propaganda piece from September 15 2015 titled: “Mystery Lingers Over Ritual Behavior of New Human Ancestor”

This is the address bar: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/09/150915-humans-death-burial-anthropology-Homo-naledi/ The first thing under the headline is an expensive well painted reconstruction of the events according to the propaganda made by “JON FOSTER. SOURCE: LEE BERGER, WITS” this well-made classic style oil paint was also at the end of the Sep 10 NG propaganda piece: In the paint you see a group of 3 grieving males standing on a ledge at the opening of the cave carrying the dead body of what seems to be an old female (gray fur), where underneath them at the bottom of the ledge inside the cave another male is stretching its arms toward them singling them to pass the body to him and at the front a fifth male is leading the way into the cave. While the males are willingly cooperating in the altruistic task of bringing the dead female to her last resting place, all the other clan members are watching the funeral ceremony like the curious crowd gather around traffic accidents. (The whole atmosphere and style of the paint is reminding me of the five-part series of paintings called “The Course of Empire” (created by Thomas Cole in the years 1833–36)).

9.2   H. Murdoch via it’s minion h. Berger concluding that “there is no other explanation but burial
9.2.1  In the Sep 10 propaganda piece the caption under the image of the paint voice:

An H. naledi group disposes of one of their own in Rising Star cave in this artist’s depiction. Though such advanced behavior is unknown in other primitive hominins, “there appears to be no other option for why the bones are there,” says lead scientist Lee Berger.

9.2.2  In the Sep 15 propaganda piece follow-up the caption under the image of the paint say:

In this artist’s depiction, Homo naledi disposes of its dead in South Africa’s Rising Star cave. Though such advanced behavior is unknown in other early hominins, the scientists who discovered the fossils say no other explanation makes sense.

9.3  Propaganda at the roots of ideologies

It is very important to note that many taxonomical or popular lingual definitions (Steven Pinker?) who meant to glorify our current evolutionary state (so even the most ignorant of the sappiness will fill “good” about himself as he slaughter or poison its kin and others). Nothing more is representing our collective hubris as loud and clear as the name we chose to call our “species”: Homo Sapience

  • Homo: originated from the Greek prefix meaning “the same” (opposite of Greek prefix “hetero” meaning different)
  • Sapience: originated from the Latin word meaning “wise” (that is short from the earlier lingual meaning of “sapiō” “self-declaration of wisdom” or “I am wise”)

Homo Sapience = Identically-wise (self-declared wise primate (wiser then the “Great” Apes and “for sure” wiser then the “Lesser Apes”)).

9.4  The first documented prove of repeatable cannibalistic attacks
9.4.1 Homo naledi the cannibal – placing the evidence in the right context

I think the cave is a crime scene portraying repeated acts of hominid cannibalism utilizing members of their own species as livestock that resulted in the first evidence for repeated acts of organized cannibalistic attacks by the ruling gang of males.

9.4.2  A description of the scenery AS IT WAS DISCOVERED (context):

The cave is made of a wide main entrance on the surface of the ground going down in a wide passage for about 45 meters (~150’) in ~30 degree slope leading into the first narrow passages leading into a first chamber leading to second passage leading to a second and last chamber where the remains were found:  To enter the first chamber you have to crawl and squeeze through a horizontal ~5 meter (~16.5’) passage with an average width of 25 cm (~10”).

From the entrance of the chamber you have to cross about 15 meters (~50’) of horizontal surface and then to climb about 20 meters (~65’) in ~60 degree angle to reach the second passage leading to the last chamber  The only access to the last chamber is from the first chamber through a narrow, vertically oriented “chimney” or “chute” measuring 15 meters (~40’) with an average width of 20cm (7.9”).

The fossil-bearing chamber is ∼30 meters (~100’) below the surface and ∼100 meters (~330’) away from the present, nearest entrance to the cave.

9.4.3  Note 1: Limited amount of Oxygen and long CO2 replenishment period:

In the death chamber there is no air ventilation other than the two narrow shafts that leads to the chamber of death.

9.4.4  Note 2: Pitch-black journey:

Except for the first 10 meters that are near the cave entrance the rest of the rout is pitch-black.

9.5  The crime scene (evidences):
9.5.1  Many “slender” victims mostly females and few youngsters, and even one “very slender” adult male.
9.5.2   The victims entered the cave at different occasions in different times.
9.6  The crime (circumstantial reconstruction)

The “slender” victims mostly females, and few youngsters and even one “very slender” adult male where all chased there by the males of their own kind which had the intention to eat them.

9.6.1  It was the last chamber that they could escape into when chased; one that the males could not enter with their wider shoulders.

Suggesting a smaller degree of dimorphism which suggest that a single male could not have attack a female alone with accordance to the second rule of the chimpanzee’s fight club: You do not attack unless you have numbers on your side!

Reduce chance of injury for individual attacker as factor of the total number of attacking cannibals e.g. 2 against one victim = 50% chance of injury (50% higher EROEI), 10 against one victim = 10% chance of injury (90% higher EROEI) which means the male gang system was well established in that primate.

9.6.1 The slender victims enter the chamber after at least a 100 meter chase in total darkness heavily breathing and died from CO2 poisoning within few hours

This explains why the remains of the individual were found side by side (like in a graveyard):

They preferred to lay down beside other corps (which arrived there for the same reason sometimes many years prior to their arrival and died of the same reason) that at the time due to the dry and sterile conditions of the cave the past attacks victim’s bodies were probably quite preserved.

This also explains why there was no evidence of cannibalism in the chamber:

Not enough time before they ran out of oxygen as they were slowly losing their conciseness and die.

It was much “nicer” death then being eaten alive by the males lingering outside their chamber.

9.7 Contemplating the chain of events that could have brought these individuals in to that challenging location, the scenarios that seem the most compatible are that the first chamber (not the last chamber of death) was either a shelter or a temporary livestock pantry.

Firstly, we can assume rather confidently that the option of a burial site is highly unlikely regarding h. naledi’s brain size and structure. And moreover, even if indeed they had had the sufficient mental complexity that would have enabled them to develop burial rituals, the immense challenges that this site imposed and principally the drastic size limitations (for males to reach while carrying a slender body to the vertical shaft of the death chamber) and the pitch-black darkness (no evidence of fire) revokes almost any probability that this theory might have had. It is just too far-fetched.

9.7.1 Leni Riefenstahl style propaganda

Along these Leni Riefenstahl style propaganda theories presented by h. Berger the minion of the cannibalistic dynasty of h. Murdoch, we are left with the simple scenario of escape. Something must have caused them to crawl alive into that chamber, and it must have been scarier than the dark, which means something that was threatening their lives.

9.7.2 Maybe Raymond Dart and Robert Ardrey were right?

Now, should we speculate on, what was it that had caused them to flee so deep into the cave and through such a narrow gap? So narrow that it was mostly females, elders and children who were able to pass through, along with what seems to be some exceptionally slender male hominid. The animal chasing them must have had the ability to follow them for a substantial distance into the cave, and perhaps even through the first narrow passageway (that is about 25 centimeters wide) which would have caused them to move all the way up the second chamber wall and down that second shaft (about 20 centimeters high) and into the chamber.

The threat, must have also lingered for a long enough time to keep them in their hopeless sanctuary, which may suggest that these homo naledi females, youngsters and week males were a primary food source of that predator.

Of course, there is the chance that they have simply been unable to get out of the chamber, although the data show that they were adaptable climbers who still had strong and long “gibbon” arms, and even if they were in fact trapped in that chamber, the amount of findings suggests that the hominids did not all enter the chamber on a sole incident, but rather one or few at a time, and that would mean that over more than one occasion a h. naledi was chased into that same cave, by something that perhaps could pass through the first 25 centimeters width passage and follow it into the first chamber, but could not have fit through the smaller 20 centimeters gap leading to the last chamber.

9.8  A new perspective on “Paleo Diet” and the real roles of males and female in our lineage
9.8.1   And here enters a crucial subject: “what were they eating?” or to be more to the point, what was available to a longer legged 1 meter tall gibbons with weak jaws and teeth that could support their nutritional needs?

According to the dental specimens and jaw structure, it appears as though the H. naledi were not adaptable carnivores, although their morphology and its resemblance to that of modern Siamang seems like one that would require a rich diet.

9.8.2  So what can you “chew on” which you can’t cook (since you didn’t yet learned how to use fire) that have all the nutrition you need in times of nutritional deficits?

The plausible answer is cannibalism: the soft meat of babies, youngsters and young females can be easily consumed even with frugivore teeth and jaws.

9.8.3 Using your own kin as livestock

We should also consider this as a case of storing livestock. Utilizing members of their species as livestock enabled them an easy transition from the tropical forests to open savannas (having your nutrition resources migrating with you, increases your fitness dramatically).

The halt in physical evolution since our last common ancestor with chimpanzees until around 2-3Mya in the homo genus was in contrast to the obvious need to adapt physically in order to utilize the different types of available food sources and shelters, during the periods as the forests retreats or as they migrated to woodlands and latter savannas. This may also hold the key for the frequent amount of reproduction cycles in the human genus when comparing them to other primates.

Females in the human lineage have livestock features: The accelerated reproduction cycle like in chicken, the oversized milk tanks like in in cows, the excessive fat tissues as in farm pigs (although they didn’t live in the cold areas yet) and the cute face of a puppy in adult females (to diffuse male aggression and maybe survive another day)

9.9  The so-called “Homo” Naledi charade

When I witness the charade (press release celebrations) of the latest discoveries in South Africa producing a show that have everything for everyone like cable TV and other abnormality shows such as the x factor: auditioning young females when the factor is being skinny and the x is being attractive enough to win a crawl into a hole in front of the drooling male judges (sex deprived slimy self-declared “scientists”).

9.9.1  The “killer ape channel”

It’s got its spirituality channel were the preachers/shamans/yogis of the excavation preach the “beautiful ape” narrative and how it went on several occasions into a cave crawling in pitch-black darkness through two narrow shafts and dark chambers 100 meter long while carrying a dead body to buried its slender female or youngster dead’s and mourn them as we are the modern “compassionate” ape do while we slaughter our brothers by the thousand every day, as we did from the down of our lineage:

If you have been a cannibal since before the split of your lineage from the chimpanzee and you still a cannibal 7 million years later how in the world can you think that a small brain ancestor had the traits which makes someone “human” that you and your kin are evidently lacking.

9.9.2  The irony of being cannibal and stupid

The last thing I saw before I contacted number two in the excavation John “no balls” hawk (which used to be a good scientist) was:

A picture of a dark skin leader (the president of SA) previously oppressed by light skin homo, kissing the skull of a prehistoric victim of his cannibalistic ancestors

It was all over the place and nothing more symbolizing the cynical outlook of the current dynasties (of the R. Murdoch and his minions at “News Corp” at this particular event) than this charade that looks more like an event that takes place in the Vatican or in the other preaching facilities/monuments of the equivalent monolithic organizations of cannibalism (religion).

9.9.3  Silenced by the PC (political cannibalism) mind control police which set the trap to oppress logic: everything you say against us will be used against you (you will be called a racist and lose everything)

Try to reverse the conclusion after such contribution to the foundation of the PC madness, try to rewind the narrative of the “kind” ape and replace it with the dark truth of a vicious cannibal after that image.

9.9.4  Patenting knowledge so the dynasties minions will be the only ones with access to the truth

Since when important evidence belongs to the whole humanity is being held from the public for two years, finds its way to someone’s lips and held by bare hands. When I watched the charade I learned more about these “new celebrities” (e.g. the H. Bergerous Cannibalous and his cheerleader’s team) than I knew about their finds:

But as soon as I saw that women crawled through a hole where adult males couldn’t pass, I knew what it is all about.

Maybe now some of us will come to term with our not so “PC” origin with the new discoveries in South Africa of the naledi dominant mindset evident by the repeated acts of cannibalism performed by the species ruling gang of males as well as recognizing the same forces of the same dominant mindset million years later try to cover its own origin and silence the statuesque shattering finds: Maybe now the few that do not share that kind of mindset will finally be able to do the same move that the bonobo did:

When they branched out and left behind the fear and the abuse to the chimpanzees and their cannibalistic hierarchies, persisting by its rotating members, males who are not necessarily kin, which are promoted according to their level of aggression and abuse and their level of contribution to wealth/wellbeing of the leaders of the gang, the same gang of males that we can find at the top of every abusive hierarchy (government, military, police, any corporation, business, religion, and worst of all the education system with the rotten apple of the universities).

I think the SA specimen looked more like that

He looked like a pink naked longer legs gibbon with red or blue eyes (OCA2 albinism (white, as pigments matter)) with constantly growth of hair on its head and face (in males). The females where smaller and less muscular and the male had 30% more body mass then the female (extreme sexual dimorphism).

Since the split from the Pan It lived in natural caves if it could find one, but ultimately the most common shelters for a small primate to hide was the numerous barrows made by members of the Suidae family (warthog etc.).

The genetic evidence of Suidae-hominin hybridization from around 4 MYA support this hypothesis and features we inherit that are absence at the Pan but are unique to members of Suidae which lived at the same time and regions where our lineage evolved (like sweating and constant growth of hair on the top of the skull and neck for protecting the large skull when crawling in dirt and stone tunnel).

Part 10: Before evil – heavens in the tropical rainforests canopy

10.1 Our evolutionary story started with a creature resembling the Siamang a close relative of Gibbons

We start with an animal resembling the Siamang (skipping the evolution process which created it) living in the vast tropical rainforests covering all of Africa during a long period of “extreme” global warming which saturated the atmosphere with water vapors at when forest covered almost the entire planet. In this lush environment the Siamang/Gibbon-like ancestor of us developed a unique supper power – A unique brain with unique abilities – the source of a new type of TOM an intelligent that is based on collective collateral that is shared with the member of the group and with the ecosystem in which they live. Our Siamang like ancestor (as can be observed in the Siamang and Gibbons today) has been the master of equilibrium in a climax community: An apex animal that is so agile and intelligent that unlike any other animal on earth before and after it had the ability to use its body and mind as the most advanced technology in the animal kingdom……….

True freedom and equality


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